A National Level IT fest organized for the Jain BBA, BCA & Commerce College in and around the state participate in the fest. 

Parousia Consist of 3 Sub Events 

Envisage Organized by BBA

Prodigy Organized by BCA

Ivant Organized by BCOM


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The Reviews about the virtual classes are provided by the students in the form of video.

BBA VIDEO bcabcom

         BBA                     BCA                 BCOM 

As the whole world is facing the effect of deadliest virus Corona, COVID-19 has also affected the educational system where students are facing difficulty in completing their education. To overcome this problem of students, we, the Faculties of Jain College have come up with the solution for the student’s welfare and learning.

ONLINE CLASSES AND e-LEARNING activities are promoted by the College in order to educate the students being at home. Students with doubts queries are encouraged and resolved with solution.

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